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20 Tasks You Can Delegate to a VA Today

To be a great leader, you have to learn how to delegate. Delegation is often one of the most difficult tasks but can also be the most rewarding. Delegation saves you time and helps you grow your business, freeing you up for tasks only you can do.

Read on for 20 examples of tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant today!

  • Gather data/research for an upcoming project or presentation

  • Run weekly reports (social media analytics, quickbooks, salesforce, etc.)

  • Respond to customer service inquiries

  • Communicate with vendors

  • Transcribe webinars, videos, podcasts, etc.

  • Manage your inbox

  • Book travel

  • Upload blog posts

  • Manage your calendar

  • Confirm meetings

  • Read trade publications and summarize main points

  • Engage with followers on social media

  • Purchase staff appreciation gifts

  • Moderate online forum

  • Respond to social media direct messages

  • Schedule social media posts

  • Organize documents and save to the cloud

  • Create images in Canva

  • Join relevant groups on LinkedIn

  • Write an email newsletter

The best way to identify tasks that are ready to be delegated is to make a list of the things you do every day for a week. If anything on that list is repetitive, predictable, or easily taught to someone else, consider delegating it to a virtual assistant.

Learn more about 360Tasker’s complete service offerings by visiting our Services & Pricing page. Questions about working with a virtual assistant? Check out our FAQ or contact us today.



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