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Tips for Optimizing Your Time with a VA

Virtual Assistants can save busy entrepreneurs hours of work in a day, but only if you optimize your time with them. Clear communication is at the center of every VA and Client relationship!

Make the most out of working with your 360Tasker Virtual Assistant with our collection of Tips and Best practices.

  1. Communicate clearly on all project details and tasks Great work requires clear communication. Ensure your VA has all the information they need before starting a project so checking off tasks is a breeze. You can email your VA anytime or schedule a Zoom meeting to check-in.

  2. Delegate! Investment in hiring a VA is your chance to lighten your load and grow to the next level. Virtual assistants are equipped to take a wide variety of tasks off your to-do list. Start out by assessing your responsibilities and making a list of items you would like your assistant to tackle for you. Many assistants also specialize in different areas, including social media, content creation and administration. Don't forget to round up logins and passwords to grant the necessary access so your VA can complete tasks remotely.

  3. Outline timelines and milestones appropriately and accurately Our 360Tasker VAs are expected to be dependable and consistent. Set your VA up for success with appropriate and accurate deadlines for efficient delivery of tasks on your timeline. Remember to save time for meetings and check-ins with your VA, depending on project length and complexity. While 360Tasker is available to assist as needed, you are the acting manager for the supplied VA and will manage all task details and project management with your VA. If you need additional help, please contact our support team at

  4. Establish status check-ins Depending on the project or tasks at hand, scheduling consistent, brief status updates keeps work on track and details clear and current. For instance, a 10-15 minute status check-in call or weekly/bi-weekly status update via email fosters efficient communication and accountability. It also instills confidence client-side that work is being done with accuracy, efficiency, and quality, while supporting your virtual assistant in their ability to perform high-quality work. As a project manager you will hear any items your VA may be “stuck” on, provide support or direction and agree on next steps.

  5. Use those plan hours! Use it or lose it! Remember that your 360Tasker plan hours expire every 40 days, so make the most of your VA while you have them. When you approach your final remaining purchased hour, 360Tasker will notify you with an option to add more hours by renewing your plan. In the meantime, check in with your VA on their progress and determine whether adjustments to tasks or timelines could help optimize your plan time.

  6. Read the 360Tasker FAQ For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ page of our website. If you can’t find an answer to your question, reach out to your 360Tasker Account Manager or our support team at

Working with a virtual assistant has immense benefits for you and your organization. Save time and be more productive so you can get back to doing what only you can do: growing your business.

Learn more about hiring a virtual assistant on 360Tasker by visiting our Services & Pricing page.



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