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Virtual Assistant Handbook

Below are important resources, procedures, and tips to help set you up for instant success as a 360Tasker Virtual Assistant.


360Tasker General Rules Of Best Practice

Reminders + tips to make the most of your client work!


  • Always be professional, punctual, and polite.

  • Communicate and ask questions. 
    Clarify any and all project or task details before you start working on them. Discussing and thinking ahead saves time and prevents work revisions. 


  • Be helpful and ready to assist.
    That’s the point, after all! Being there for your client when they need you is a sign of a great assistant.


  • Be a creative problem solver.
    This is a chance to shine! Show off your ingenuity skills by thinking outside the box when conventional approaches don’t work.


  • Be efficient but thorough in delivery of tasks.
    Deliver quality work with timeliness and follow-through. 


  • Follow through.
    360Tasker VAs should be reliable and dependable. Follow all timelines to the best of your ability. You get more gigs with happy clients!


  • Never work more hours than outlined in gig details.
    Always notify your 360Tasker Manager when you are nearing the end of your allotted hours. In the middle of a task for a client but you’re almost out of hours? Communicate with your client and 360Tasker manager and they will notify the client of their remaining allotment; the client can purchase more hours with you or another VA to pick up where you left off.


  • For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ page of our website.
    If you can’t find an answer to your question, reach out to your 360Tasker manager or our support team at


Communication & Email

The most important procedure to make sure everything runs smoothly.


You should receive your 360Tasker Gmail account within 24 hrs. When you receive it, you should log in and add your FIRST NAME ONLY to the 360Tasker signature (directions here).

The best method of communication with your client is your 360Tasker Gmail. You are welcome to use any instant messaging software or video calling software they or you prefer, but always ensure important details are summarized or detailed through your 360Tasker Gmail to support and track client agreement throughout the project.

For instance: if you hold a chat via instant message or Zoom call, take notes; recap the important details discussed in an email to the client following the chat. This helps to keep both parties on the same page as well as demonstrate your professionalism. It can also help clear up any fuzzy details or offer a quick opportunity to ask any questions you didn't get time to address.


  • DO NOT change the email password. In the event your project is extended but you do not wish to stay on the project, your manager may transfer the email account to another VA.

  • You should use your 360Tasker Gmail account for all communication with 360Tasker clients. Per your signed 360Tasker Independent Contractor Agreement, you are NOT permitted to use your personal email account to communicate with clients.



Track and communicate projects on projects

Asana helps you organize and stay organized throughout the course of your projects. Once you are added to your client project, you will get an email notification and should log into Asana (using your 360Tasker VA Gmail address). See how here!

For a quick guide to Asana best practices watch this tutorial. For more helpful tutorials, go here.


  • Utilize Asana as the primary place to outline and communicate all project details and tasks. This is required of all 360Tasker VAs and helps protect you and your work.


Plan Hours

Tracking your working hours to align with client plan hours.


It is essential that you accurately track your hours per task or project (using Clockifyand flag to the client via email (always Cc: your Account Manager) when time on their plan is running short. This helps when working on projects, tasks, and managing workflow. It also opens the door for conversation with your client to rebook or even upgrade via your VA Account Manager. In addition, it shows your ability to manage your time efficiently. 



  • When working with a client and there is an hour left, you can alert the client
    “(Client name), I just wanted to let you know we have 1 hour left for our task today.” 

  • If you anticipate completing work for a client early, before the plan hours have been fully used, you can notify the client:
    “We have about 30 minutes of work remaining on our current task and I noticed this puts us close to 18 hours of our 24 hour block. Is there anything else that I can help you with to use the remaining time on your plan?” 

IMPORTANT: It is always our goal to complete agreed-upon task deliverables within the client's purchased plan hours. However, if you are concerned that tasks or a project need more time, please reach out to your client and Account Manager as soon as possible so expectations and plan adjustments can be managed properly.



How you log time on tasks and projects to get paid.

Log in to Clockify using your personal email address*. Select the correct project name and the correct client name. 

*registering with your personal email address will ensure continued access to tax and payment information

Please take a moment to watch this quick and informative video on Clockify.


Other suggested tutorials: tracking time with the Timer, Categorization, Browser Extensions & Apps, Advanced tracking in Apps, and How to log time using a timesheet.

Clockify Directions



How you get paid.

Gusto is how you will be paid (biweekly) when working with 360Tasker. All payments are based on your Clockify hours. 

After you accept your first gig, you will receive a Gusto Invitation from your Account Manager. Please then do the following:

  1. Register & sign into Gusto with your personal email account* via the invite email.
    *registering with your personal email address will ensure continued access to tax and payment information

  2. Fill out your contact information, Federal & State Tax info., and auto-deposit info. 

Please take a moment to watch the following:



Your Support Team and Point of Contact

If questions or problems arise, we are here to offer support! Please reach out to your Account Manager (your main POC) or Support Team and we’ll be happy to help.

360Tasker Support Team:


or Schedule a call

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